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Vivian A. Laughlin
Assistant Professor (2023)
BA, DePaul University; MA, Catholic Theological Union; PhD, Andrews University
Office Location: Tribble C302
Contact: (336) 758-3627; email

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Dr. Vivian A. Laughlin is a tenure-track Assistant Professor of Classics at Wake Forest University. She is a broadly trained Archaeologist and Anthropologist of the Western Asia, Northern Africa, and Western European regions. Her research and interests hone the geographical receptions and transformations derived from North Africa, specifically ancient Egypt, that became wide-spread during the Hellenistic and Roman periods in lands located East and West of the Mediterranean. She was an Andrew W. Mellon Postdoctoral Scholar, 2021-2022, and a Fulbright Postdoctoral Researcher, 2019-2021.

Dr. Laughlin has three digital archaeology projects:

  1. The Serapian and Isiac Trails
  2. Roman Aqaba Project 2.0: A Legacy of Cultural Heritage
  3. Sustaining the Cultural Heritage Legacy of Tell Nimrin

Amongst other scholarly publications, she is currently turning her dissertation, The Appropriation of the Hellenistic-Egyptian Cult of Serapis: A Multi-Disciplinary Study Focusing on Augustus, Nero, Hadrian, Their Coinage, and Villas. (embargoed), into a book.

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