Fall 2021 Semester Events:

DateTimeLocationEvent Name
Wednesday, August 25th6:00-8:00pmTribble A303Department Open House
Friday, August 27th4:00pmTribble A303Portraits Unveiling Reception
Wednesday, September 1st6:30pmBookmarksBook Launch Event: T. H. M. Gellar-Goad talks Laughing Atoms
Tuesday, September 14th5:00pmTribble A303Movie Night
Tuesday, September 28th2:00pmTribble A301In ‘Spitting Distance’ of Philosophy: Horace, Epistles 1.1 with Dr. John Oksanish
Friday, October 1st3:00-5:00pmTribble A301Family Weekend Department Open House
Monday, October 4th3:30pmTribble A303Queer Philology Proculloquium with Guest Speaker Shane Butler
Wednesday, October 13th4:00pmTribble A303CLASSICS BEYOND WHITENESS Reads Matt Ortile on “Rice Queens, Dairy Queens”
Thursday, October 21st3:00pmCarswell Annenberg Forum“The Blues of Achilles” with Joe Goodkin
Wednesday, November 3rd4:00pmTribble DeTambleProculloquium with Guest Speaker Denise Demetriou
Thursday, November 18th4:00-6:00pmPalmer 103, Lam Museum of AnthropologyClassics Beyond Whiteness and the Lam Museum of Anthropology ask: How do YOU paint a goddess?

Spring 2022 Semester Events:

DateTimeLocationEvent Name
Monday, January 24th5:00pmTribble A303Predictions of Civil War, Revolt, and Genocide in “Minor” Oracles
Friday, January 28th4:30pmTribble A303‘Skin in the Game’: In Search of Sophonisba 
Monday, January 31st4:30pmTribble A303“Painting Conquest in the Hellenistic World: The Coloniality of Race, Gender, and Desire in The Wedding of Alexander” 
Wednesday, February 2nd4:30pmTribble A303‘The More Things Change: Critiquing a history of oppression with Olga Harmony’s La Ley de Creón and Sophocles’ Antigone’
Monday, February 28th3:30pmTribble A303“Color as Gender Indicator in Archiac Greek and Egyptian Art” Proculloquium with Mary Ann Eaverly
Wednesday, March 16th2:00pmTribble A303“Racializing Dido” Proculloquium with Elena Giusti 
Wednesday, March 23rd3:30-4:45pmTribble A303CLASSICS BEYOND WHITENESS book group Helen Morales’ Antigone Rising
Monday, April 4th3:30pmTribble A303Proculloquium with Josh Hartman
Wednesday, April 6th3:30-4:45pmTribble A303CLASSICS BEYOND WHITENESS book group Helen Morales’ Antigone Rising
Wednesday, April 20th3:30-4:45pmTribble A303CLASSICS BEYOND WHITENESS book group Helen Morales’ Antigone Rising