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Professor T. H. M. Gellar-Goad went overseas this summer to lead a WFU-sponsored Greece study-abroad program!  Check out these photos from the trip. 


Day One

greece study abroad

This photo is a view of the Athenian acropolis from the hotel.


Day Two

greece study trip

The Wake Forest group in front of the Parthenon.


study abroad group

Professor Gellar-Goad and students scaled Mt. Lykabettus, the highest point in Athens!


Day Three


The group in front of the Panathenaic Stadium in Athens, the site of the first modern Olympics.


Day Five

day 5

The group visited the Portara of Naxos, an unfinished temple on the site where in Greek myth Theseus is said to have abandoned Ariadne. Student participant Molly McComb says, “This trip is hands down one of the most amazing experiences of my life.”


Day Six

greece trip

The island of Naxos, and a visit to the Archaeological Museum, filled with Cycladic statuettes (totally worth googling). Student participant Zack Potter says, “Being near something so ancient truly makes you appreciate not only the depth of our past, but also the progress we can look forward to making. We will be history someday the same as we see these archeological sites. We must think about what we will leave behind.”


Day Seven

day 7

On to Mykonos, the island where in Greek myth Ajax son of Oileus (“little Ajax”) is said to have been shipwrecked on his return to Greece from the Trojan War. The sunset pictured here was captured in the “Little Venice” area of the Old Port.


Day Eight

greece trip

Today we went to the island of Delos, ancient site of a massive city and sacred site of Artemis and Apollo. Student participant Hayes Elliott says, “This study-abroad program offers an opportunity to experience all of the diverse civilizations that Greece has to offer in one trip — which would be unavailable in any other setting or tour.…And obviously, it’s unbelievable. It’s mindboggling, what we’re getting to experience in this short amount of time.”


Day Nine

day 9

We’re done with the Cycladic Islands and back to the mainland. Here’s the crew in front of the Temple of Apollo at Corinth. Professor Gellar-Goad says, “Walking down the same streets and along the same porticos as ancient Greeks and Romans did brings their cultures and civilizations to life in a way unmatched by even the most exciting and immersive of classroom experiences. I’m going to treasure this journey with these students for all my days!”


Day Ten

day 10 of greece trip

Professor Gellar-Goad is busy at work drafting a chapter of his book on Plautus’ Curculio, a play set in the Greek religious-medical site of Epidaurus — while he’s standing in front of the medical sanctuary complex of Epidaurus!


Day Eleven

day 11

Nafplio.  Sam Hanson, Sarah Alzamora, Benny Potter, and Molly McComb atop the Fortress of Palamedes.


Day Twelve

day 12

The Lioness Gate of Mycenae, center of a major Bronze Age prehistoric Greek civilization.


Day Thirteen

day 13

A rainbow above the mountains of Delphi in northern Greece.


Day Fourteen

day 14

 Hayes Elliott presents on the Pythian Games (one of the Panhellenic Games, held every 4 years in Delphi) while standing in the Theater of Delphi.


Day Fifteen

day 15

Back in Athens, in front of the gigantic Temple of Olympian Zeus.

Day Sixteen 

day 16

The remains of the Temple of Apollo on Aegina, an island off the coast of Athens.


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