Classics Beyond Whiteness

classics beyond whiteness

Organizers: T.H.M. Gellar-Goad and Caitlin Hines

Just as Wake Forest University as an institution has recently acknowledged and been challenged to take steps to address its historical complicity with systems of white supremacy, the field of Classics must come to terms with its participation in abusive and exclusionary practices that have caused real and lasting harm to communities and students of color. Inspired by the success of last year’s “Classics beyond Europe” series, we have organized a multidisciplinary and multimedia program including lectures, workshops, film screenings, art projects, a reading group, and a museum exhibit organized around the theme of “Classics beyond Whiteness.”  Throughout the 2019–2020 academic year, we aim to provide programming for students, faculty, and the larger Winston-Salem community that examines our field’s misleading and damaging tendency to center “whiteness” in its scholarly and educational practices and charts new paths forward for a more inclusive, constructive vision of the discipline. Our program celebrates the unique pedagogical, scholarly, and artistic contributions of Black Classicists, foregrounds the reception of Classical antiquity by artists and communities of color, highlights recent efforts to create a more diverse and inclusive field, and confronts the hateful backlash (both online and in professional settings) that has targeted those efforts.  We are grateful for the sponsorship of the Wake Forest Classics Department, Wake Forest Provost’s Fund for a Vibrant Campus, Wake Forest Humanities Institute, the Society for Classical Studies’ Classics Everywhere Grant, Bridge Initiative Grant from the Classical Association of the Middle, West and South, the Wake Forest Slavery, Race, and Memory Project, and the Wake Forest Student Government. 

For more information about any of our events, please feel free to contact Caitlin Hines ( or T.H.M. Gellar-Goad (


DateTimeLocationEvent Name
Tuesday, September 103:30 PMDeTambleSarah Bond Proculloquium: Kick-Off Event!
Come and Take It: The Use and Abuse of Ancient History
Tuesday, September 173:30-4:30pmTribble A303Not All Dead White Men Book Group Meeting #1
Tuesday, October 13:30-4:30pmTribble A303Not All Dead White Men Book Group Meeting #2
Tuesday, October 153:30-4:30pmTribble A303Not All Dead White Men Book Group Meeting #3
Friday, October 253:30 PMDeTambleAshley Hairston
Watching Whose God(s), Exactly: Classical Influences in the Work of Zora Neale Hurston
Tuesday, October 293:30-4:30pmTribble A303Not All Dead White Men Book Group Meeting #4
Tuesday, November 53:30 PMDeTambleMathura Umachandran
The Unbearable Whiteness of Classics (or When Fragility is Heavy)
Monday, December 23:30 PMDeTambleJackie Murray Proculloquium
Skin Color Matters: Race and the Body in Greek and Roman Literature 
Friday, January 174:00pmZSR Ammons Room 14 Black Classicists Exhibition Kick-Off Reception
Friday, February 213:30-7:30pmTribble DeTambleScreening & Panel discussion of Spike Lee’s Chi-Raq
Monday, March 2 3:30 PMTribble DeTambleDani Bostick
We Don’t Need A Roman Hero: Erasure of Oppression as a Weapon of White Supremacy in Classics