2018-2019 Faculty News & Awards

faculty news & awards

mary pendergraft


Professor Mary Pendergraft was celebrated recently for her longtime service at Wake Forest.  As part of this celebration, colleagues shared stories and thoughts about her.  Check out the article here to read more about Mary Pendergraft! 


Dr. Caitlin Hines and Dr. Stephen Blair started a new Latin poetry group called Mirabile Dictu. The group met for an hour every week and helped students gain fluency in reading Latin meter out loud by practicing reading hexameter, elegiac meter, and more.  No previous knowledge was required and the group welcomed anyone who enjoyed the musical quality of Latin poetry!
professor T. H. M. Gellar-Goad
Professor T. H. M. Gellar-Goad awarded the Nathan and Julie Hatch Research Grant for Academic Excellence! The award included a week of research and writing at Oxford University’s Harris Manchester College.
lather book signing contract
Professor Amy Lather recently signed the contract for her book, to be published with Edinburgh University Press!
Meet our Visiting Assistant Professors for the next academic year: Stephen Blair and John K. Schafer!
stephen blair
Stephen Blair is a Visiting Assistant Professor of Classics at Wake Forest, specializing in ancient Roman historical literature. Some of the questions that motivate his work are how historical genres shape narrative content, what separates “historical” narration from “antiquarian” description, why historians rationalize myths, and how ancient writers imagine antiquity as a means of reflecting on the present. His other interests include pastoral poetry, reception of the Classical tradition, Greek and Roman lyric, and playing the mandolin.


John Schafer specializes in Republican and Imperial Latin literature, and is the author of numerous articles on Seneca, Vergil and Horace, as well as the monograph Ars Didactica: Seneca’s 94th and 95th Letters (2009).​ Trained at Harvard, he has held faculty positions at Duke and Northwestern. His forthcoming monograph Catullus Through His Books will be published by Cambridge University Press in 2020.


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