Faculty & Staff

Department Faculty

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T.H.M. Gellar-Goad
Associate Professor (2014), Zachary T. Smith Fellow
BA, NCSU; MA, PhD, UNC-Chapel Hill
Office Location: Tribble C308
Contact: (336) 758-5330; email

Amy Lather
Assistant Professor (2016)
BA, Northwestern; MA, PhD, University of Texas
Office Location: Tribble C303
Contact: (336) 758-5330; email

John M. Oksanish
Associate Professor (2011)
BA, MAT, Univ. of Massachusetts, Amherst; PhD, Yale
Office Location: Tribble C304
Contact: (336) 303-1256; email

Mary L. B. Pendergraft
Department Chair, Professor (1988)
BA, PhD, UNC-Chapel Hill
Office Location: Tribble C307
Contact: (336) 758-5331; email

John K. Schafer 
Visiting Assistant Professor (2019)
BA, University of Virginia Charlottesville; PhD, Harvard University
Office Location: Tribble C306
Contact: (336) 758-5330; email

Michael C. Sloan
Associate Professor (2011)
BA, Baylor; MA, Texas Tech; MLitt, PhD, Univ. of St. Andrews
Office Location: Tribble C305
Contact: (336) 758-5330; email

Brian M. Warren
Associate Teaching Professor (2010)
BA, Yale; PhD, Johns Hopkins
Office Location: Tribble C309
Contact: (336) 701-2984; email

Emeritus Faculty

John L. Andronica
Professor Emeritus (1969)
BA, Holy Cross; MA, Boston College; PhD, Johns Hopkins
Contact: email

James T. Powell
Associate Professor Emeritus (1988)
BA, Emory; MA, MPhil, PhD, Yale
Contact: email

Robert W. Ulery Jr.
Professor Emeritus (1971)
BA, MA, PhD, Yale
Contact: email

Affiliated Faculty

Emily Austin (Philosophy: Greek and Roman Philosophy)
Jeffrey Lerner (History: The Ancient World)
Paul Thacker (Anthropology: Archaeology)


Julie Pechanek, Administrative Assistant
Office Location: Tribble C301
Contact: (336) 758-5330; email

Ryan McCollum, Instructional Technologist
Office Location: Scales  M203
Contact: (336) 758-3952: email

Jeff Nichols, Instructional Technologist
Office Location: Wingate  401, Piccolo
Contact: (336) 758-6178: email